Austeng is excited to partner with Macarthur Memorial Parks to build two state of the art catafalques, for placement within its distinctive chapel at their new facility.  The catafalques have been installed (see video), and once the chapel has been completed, the final commissioning will take place and the catafalques will be available for use.

Macarthur Memorial Park will accommodate 136,000 burial plots over the coming 100 years, responding to the acute need for space in Sydney’s swiftly growing and diverse multi-cultural population. The architecturally distinctive chapel will complement the landscape with natural materials of rammed earth and timber, and open to views of the surrounding gardens and water features.

The catafalques act as a coffin lifting device, a display device during funeral services, and a trafficable floor when unloaded. The catafalques also include an integrated glass balustrade that isolates people from the void created when lowering the coffins.

Each catafalque spans between the basement level and ground floor level, measuring 4.7m tall, with another 1m extension for the glass balustrade. Each lift has a working lifting load of 350kg, and can also accommodate a floor weight of 250kg. When the machines are used as trafficable floors, 4 pins are driven into the platform to tie the lift-platform to the building structure.

Solidworks design of a custom catafalque

Austeng’s SolidWorks model of a custom catafalque that was designed, manufactured and commissioned by Austeng


Completed Catafalque in Austeng's workshop

One of the two completed custom catafalques that Austeng designed, manufactured and commissioned for Rookwood Catholic’s Macarthur Memorial Park

Austeng is pleased to announce that it has been recognised as one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Manufacturers in Australia at the recent Australian Manufacturing Forum and @auManufacturing news media outlet Awards ceremony. A great acknowledgement of our team. Managing Director Ross George commented that “Although innovation requires significant investment both in terms of time and resources we see it as essential to ensure our long term viability and growth.”

In particular, a huge thankyou to SMC who sponsored the event, and to SMC State Manager Rod Ryan for presenting Austeng with the award.

Link –

Austeng is awarded a place in the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies award

SMC Manager Rod Ryan presents Austeng with the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies award

We were so excited to host the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio Minister for Energy & Resources at Austeng yesterday morning (29/03/23) at our hydrogen burner demonstration.

Through the Victorian Governments Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund (BRF), Austeng received $100,000.00 in early stage funding to undertake a feasibility study and develop its hydrogen burner prototype. Renewable hydrogen offers a clean energy alternative for an otherwise difficult to decarbonise process.

The project provides a concrete demonstration of how a cremation furnace can be powered by a blend of hydrogen and natural gas to facilitate a transition to using clean, renewable hydrogen.

Ross George commented, “What you see today is an important enabling technology. This demonstration shows the crematoria sector and mainstream industry more generally, that green hydrogen can be easily, safely and quickly integrated into our respective operations with no business risk. It will also facilitate the demand for green hydrogen and is pivotal in assisting with creating supply chains for this renewable fuel.”

We are very proud that we gained Energy Safe Victoria’s final acceptance for the new technology, which to the best of our knowledge is the first of its kind! Lessons from the project will be applicable to decarbonising other gas-fired industrial processes in the future.

Over 60 people were in attendance at the demonstration to see the Minister “flick the switch” on the blending station.


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ella George MP, Lyn George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ross George and Jen Conley stand in front of an Austeng Van


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Jen Conley, Lyn George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ella George MP, Ross George and Dean Matthews at the Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Minister for Energy & Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, talks at Austeng’s Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ross George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ella George MP and Christine Couzens MP at the Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ross George and Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stand next to Austeng’s Hydrogen Burner

Austeng is delighted to announce that we have become the agent in Australia for Resomation Ltd and its technology: a natural water cremation option utilising alkaline hydrolysis and heat . This is an environmentally friendly alternative to burial and flame cremation with a significant reduction in carbon foot print and impact on the environment . Resomation Ltd is based in the UK and has units operating in both the USA ,UK and Europe.

This advance gives the public a new and innovative end of life option that represents a new choice for the first time in 150 Years !

A Resomation Ltd Water Cremator

A Resomation Ltd Water Cremator

Please find link to Press Release

To learn more about Resomation, check out Resomation Ltd’s website

Austeng is one of the successful recipients of a grant pursuant to the State Government’s Hydrogen Business Ready Fund, setting us up to play a lead role in showing how renewable hydrogen can reduce the environmental impact of the cremation process, via a feasibility study and a prototype demonstration model. It is hoped that ultimately the technology can then be rolled out to other types of fuel furnaces to enable uses to transition to renewable energy.
Watch this space !

Thanks also to the Geelong Cemeteries Trust for their support with this application and project.

For more details, please read this Geelong Advertiser article or this article featured in Stockhead

Hydrogen Burner

Ross George, Lyn George and Frank de Groot with a burner that will be powered by hydrogen


Hydrogen Burner

Ross George and Frank de Groot with burner



After a decade of working with OrthoMetals in Australia to help them “spread the word “ about their terrific process and helping out with logistics, OrthoMetals have decided to fully transfer the logistical management to Gerard Robbers.

Austeng will now step into the background and wish OrthoMetals all the best for their continuing journey and opportunities they provide to the sector.

See full text of Orthometals announcement at this link and below:

“Dear Orthometals client,

I’d like to start out by saying we hope all is well, and that you have had some time to recover from all of the challenges that Corona brought us.

During the Corona period, instead of travelling, we used our time to reflect and innovate our processes. I think many companies have used this “break” to do the same thing. This opportunity was a silver lining during a very difficult time.

For over a decade, we have been working together with Austeng Engineering. Ross, Lyn, and their dedicated team have put a lot of effort into spreading the word and showing people all of the advantages that come from our unique recycling process. We can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they have put in.
In 2019, Austeng hired Gerard Robbers to do all the logistical work in the Eastern states, and handle the explosive growth in the logistic demand that came with all the crematories joining our solution. Gerard continued to expand his activities for us. At the moment, Gerard is doing 75% of our collections. To keep our logistical costs under control, we decided to move our logistic centre and warehousing from Geelong to Sydney last year.

Over the last few months Ross, Gerard and myself have had some conversations about the future of the management of the collections. With the balance shifting to Gerard, Ross decided that it is time to give Gerard the opportunity to completely run the logistical management for OrthoMetals. As we have integrated all the collections in our software system, we will support Gerard with planning his trips from The Netherlands. Ross, Lyn, and the Austeng team will take a step into the background but will be available when they are needed. They will also be a familiar face and can answer all your questions at future shows and conferences.

This new change means that the contact information will also change- Gerard will be available for all questions.

As from now, please use the following contact information if you’d like to reach us:

Gerard Robbers (logistics and direct representation)
Mobile : +61 (0) 419361348
Based: Tahtra NSW

In The Netherlands, Gerard will be supported by Maaike Rolfes, who will take care of the invoices and payments.
Maaike Rolfes (Invoicing, payments and support)
Based: Meppel, The Netherlands

We would like to thank you for the trust you have given our company, and we are convinced that with these changes, we will be able to maintain our service at the highest level.

I hope we can all enjoy travelling soon again and that we can celebrate this change in person one day soon.

Until then,
Kind regards,

Hidde Verberne “

Austeng was proud to manufacture Gungahlin Crematorium’s first publicly owned crematorium in March 2021 to  help meet the needs of Canberra’s growing and diverse community .

“We were also able to respond expeditiously and effectively to the ACT Public Cemetery’s desire to fast track this project given the situation arising out of the COVID 19 pandemic“ said Austeng Managing Director Ross George.

The ”Joule” cremator selected is a bariatric model which is able to accommodate oversize, larger and heavier coffins and comes with all the usual advantages of this high standard cremator.

A dedicated viewing room allows mourners to watch the cremation and participate in religious ceremonies.

Link to Gungahlin website

Joule Cremator


Canberra Memorial Parks

Devonport City Council (Tas) has used Austeng’s Modern Burial System to maximise land use at Mersey Vale Memorial Park.

See the full article by The Advocate 15/04/19.

Proceeds of the Orthometals cremated metals recycling program have been used by SMCT to deliver “Aidan’s Legacy”.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (NSW) is participating is an Orthometals program that creates the opportunity to recycle surgical metals remaining after cremation. Funds raised are being directed towards families using Eastern Suburbs or Woronora Memorial Park’s services, who have experienced the loss of a child up to and including 17 years of age, pre-term and stillborn children. This program is called “Aidan’s Legacy”, named after a 3 year old boy residing in Karinya Gardens, one of Woronora Memorial park’s children’s areas. The program also assists with costs associated to services which use our facilities of all children in our Nation who have passed without family heritage. The subsidy is provided to raise awareness for the annual pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day held on the 15th October and the Baby Lily Grace Awareness Day, held each year on the 29th April.

Read the full article SMCT-Milestones-Book-Nov-17

See SMH article Service for those who have lost a child at Woronora Cemetery for additional information on “Aidan’s Legacy”

For more information on the Orthometals Recycling Program see Orthometals Recycling Program

The AUSLITE gantry is here.  The next step in a ‘no lift’ industry.

There has been a growing awareness of the risks and responsibilities associated with the manual handling within cemeteries especially coffins and ledgers for some time now.  These risks and responsibilities are growing as OH&S legislation becomes more onerous, coffins become larger and heavier and there is a greater propensity for litigation generally.  Moreover, Cemetery Boards and management recognise that they cannot contract-out their duty of care to funeral directors, families or other persons while they are performing tasks within the cemetery site.  The challenge is that cemeteries have a diverse and challenging range of issues facing them from narrow pathways, restricting access, hilly uneven ground, varying height and width monuments and so on.

The use of the gantry minimises risk of injury to funeral directors, cemetery staff, and family members with the process also being seen as more respectful.

See brochure Auslite Gantry

See Auslite Gantry Demonstration

Austeng has finished commissioning a new catafalque at Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria’s Sacred Heart Chapel at Rookwood.

Rookwood Catholic’s New catafalque

Rookwood Catholic’s New catafalque

The Catafalque was custom designed into fit into an existing pit inside the chapel. The attendant can select a half lower function where the casket just lowers from view, or a full lower function where once the casket is at the base of the pit, wooden doors close up to seal off the catafalque opening.

See a recent article in ACCA News (Spring 2014) on Australia’s first Eickhof Columbaria installation completed by Austeng at Thorak Regional Cemetery.

For More information, see Eichkhof Columbaria




A recent Sydney Morning Herald article on how the obesity crisis is affecting funeral directors, cemeteries and crematoria alike.

SMH 3/8/14 – Obesity crisis takes toll on pallbearers

Austeng have a range of products including cremators and handling equipment specifically engineered to cater for the larger deceased commonly seen nowadays.

The “Creotal Cremator” is a small efficient and economic furnace especially designed and dedicated to the cremation for feotal and still-born remains.

It is consistent with the emerging trend of cemeteries and crematoria organisations offering separate areas for the memorialisation of babies and young children. Losing a baby as a result of stillbirth, prematurely or miscarriage can be a profoundly devastating and emotional time for a family.  Parents need to make many choices at this vulnerable time and we believe the ability to offer a customised cremation service can somewhat ease this burden.

Also cremation of such small bodies provides their own challenges and these units:-

  • maximise the remains that are available for collection and guarantee integrity of those remains
  • provide a more sensitive and aesthetic cremation process especially where there is a “viewing” involved.

See attached article in ACCA News titled King Edward Memorial Hospital – Pioneers in Perinatal Cremation & Memorialisation.

Creotal Cremator

Work has recently been completed at Thorak Regional Cemetery to replace its aging cremator and initiate a major upgrade to the cemetery chapel.

Litchfield Council became the responsible party for the day to day operations of the Thorak Regional Cemetery in 2008 including a crematorium and chapel complex. The challenge for Litchfrield was to ensure that the only cremator in Darwin remained operational.

Please see the full article from ACCA News Spring 2011.