Creotal Cremator

The “Creotal Cremator” is a small efficient and economic furnace especially designed and dedicated to the cremation for feotal and still-born remains.

It is consistent with the emerging trend of cemeteries and crematoria organisations offering separate areas for the memorialisation of babies and young children. Losing a baby as a result of stillbirth, prematurely or miscarriage can be a profoundly devastating and emotional time for a family.  Parents need to make many choices at this vulnerable time and we believe the ability to offer a customised cremation service can somewhat ease this burden.

Also cremation of such small bodies provides their own challenges and these units:-

  • maximise the remains that are available for collection and guarantee integrity of those remains
  • provide a more sensitive and aesthetic cremation process especially where there is a “viewing” involved.

See attached article in ACCA News titled King Edward Memorial Hospital – Pioneers in Perinatal Cremation & Memorialisation.

Creotal Cremator