This transfer trolley is simple but efficient. It is on heavy duty castors, has a scissor lift configuration and the top deck is fitted with rollers. The lifting action is powered up and down by battery so that the casket can be lowered or elevated as desired without operator effort. This means a casket or body can be transferred from a vehicle or around a funeral chapel quickly and easily by one person. The unit is self-contained and comes with separate locking devices to prevent movement of both casket and trolley.

Features of the Transfer Trolley

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Makes casket handling a “one-man” job
  • No lifting required
  • Prevents manual handling injuries and therefore complies with health and safety regulations
  • Makes your organisation more efficient
  • Comes complete with operating manual and instructions
  • Can ‘double’ as catafalque with only minor modifications
  • Optional four or six wheel configuration


Plan area:     2515 x 600mm

Height:      Max 1720mm    Min 430mm

Lifting capacity:     180kg – 350kg

Finish:     Powder Coated

Please note: These specifications can be modified and other colours and stainless steel construction are available on request. We also manufacture an electrically propelled hydraulic trolley with capacity up to 350kg, designed for moving coffins over longer distances.


Trolley at Rookwood General Crematorium