Grave Safety Fence

The Austeng Grave Safety Fence addresses and reduces two health & safety issues currently facing cemetery operators. These are:

  • The risk of mourners or cemetery staff falling into an open grave (which may be up to 2.7 metres deep)
  • Manual handling risks involved in pall-bearers transferring the coffin from the hearse to the grave and then lowering it

The Fence frame itself is made from tubular steel and is lightweight but stable. If struck by a falling person it is strong enough to support the combined weight of a coffin and the forces simultaneously applied by pall-bearers when placing the coffin onto the fence support brackets, prior to mechanically lowering or when manually lowered into the grave.

The Graveside Safety Fence comes in two options:

1. “Stand-alone” Grave Safety Fence
2. “Dismantlable” Grave Safety Fence

Custom sizes and features are available – contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Also available is an aluminium shoring shield used to protect the top edge of the excavation. Green matting is placed over to dress up the grave prior to a funeral.


Funding Grants are often available for the purchasing of cemetery equipment from the Department of Health, Victoria.

Priority is given to equipment funding that enhances the safety of the facility (e.g. Grave Covers, Shoring, Grave Fences).

See Vic Health Cemetery Grants for details and application forms.

Grave Safety Fence Assembled

Grave Safety Fence Unassembled

Grave Safety Fence Assembled