Grave Shoring

Grave shoring installed in ground

Austeng Grave Shoring is used to support the sides of a grave. There has been more than one incident in Victoria where a grave digger has been trapped when the grave sides have given way. Aluminium was chosen as it is easy to clean, light weight, durable and adds a clean and professional finish to the grave.

The aluminium Grave Shoring is divided into horizontal sections that lock together. Each section can be lifted by hand. The Grave Shoring is made to suit the cemetery’s grave size. The thickness of the sections are approximately 50mm and thus over-size graves need not be dug to accommodate the Grave Shoring.

The standard version is 2200mm long, 1800mm deep (fully assembled from 2×3 sections) and adjustable in width from 700 to 1000mm.

Both of these features make it suitable for use in old monumental areas.


Funding Grants are often available for the purchasing of cemetery equipment from the Department of Health, Victoria.

Priority is given to equipment funding that enhances the safety of the facility (e.g. Grave Covers, Shoring, Grave Fences).

See Vic Health Cemetery Grants for details and application forms.