Bench & Capture Hood

If you are likely to be handling ashes outside the machine, i.e. transferring ashes into scattering urns, causuary urns or other non-standard containers, repacking for other locations etc. we recommend our proven Ash Handling system which consists of Cremovac, specially designed stainless steel bench, air extraction system complete with canopy, cooling racks and ash cooling trays.

The Stainless Steel Bench top is fitted with a recess which is used to hold the urn or ash box when transferring ashes.  The recess is open at the bottom and a waste bin is located under to collect any spilled ashes.  Behind the bench is a canopy connected to an exhaust fan.  This is designed to capture fugitive dust which is generated while handling ashes.  The whole set-up is easy to clean and maintain and is designed to keep dust away from the operator even during transfer of ashes.

In summary, our Ash Handling Area provides a safe, clean and healthier work environment for your staff.  We have many of these set-ups installed in Australia.

Ash Processor, Ash bench with Ash Capture and Ash pan Cooling Trolley – Canberra Memorial Parks

Ash Pan Trolley

This trolley is manufactured from stainless steel and is designed to allow operators to safely transfer hot ash pans from cremators to the ash processing area, and also acts as a portable cooling rack.