The major advantage of our Ash Processor is that the ash container is inserted under the machine so that the ashes discharge directly into the standard ash container via a special built-in vacuum device. Accordingly, there is no requirement to transfer the ashes and no escape of dust into the surrounding area.

Features of the Austeng Ash Processor

  • No double handling
  • Dust free operation
  • Health and safety advantages especially regarding the handling of radioactive remains
  • Light but strong construction
  • Portable
  • Not essential to pre-separate nails and other metal objects


The Ash Processor is purpose-built to suit the client’s choice of ash container

Width:     700mm
Depth:     950mm
Height:     1250mm
Finish:     Colour coated mild steel panels

The finished unit need only be plugged into a standard single phase 10 amp socket.

Fully inclusive of collection tin if required and magnetic wand.