Automated Charge Bier

The Austeng Automatic Charge Bier is designed to take all the heavy manual handling of coffins away from the Cremator operator. It is also specifically set-up to ensure your staff are more than 2 metres away from the Cremator especially when the Charge Door is open.

Our Automatic Charge Bier therefore represents the latest in compliance with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation and improved productivity and risk reduction. It will handle the largest coffins with ease. Austeng guarantees our automated charge bier is a one person operation even when handling very heavy coffins.

The Austeng Automated Charge Bier has powered travel on a fixed rail along the front of the Cremator. Our unit automatically stops in front of the cremator. The PLC Controller in the Charge Bier provides repeat and accurate positioning so misalignments of coffins with the charge door a “thing-of-the-past”.

Our units are mains powered connected by ceiling mounted catenaries. The 415 Volt power ensures sufficient motive force is always available even for the largest coffin. A floor mounted rail running parallel to the cremator unit guarantees alignment during the charging process.

The nature of our Auto Charge Bier is its flexibility, they can be loaded from the front or rear.  Austeng’s Charge Bier has a significant advantage over its competitors, being a fully automatic machine.

Austeng Automated Charge Bier is designed to load or unload from your cool rooms or your coffin trolleys.

Austeng have also manufactured alternative designs including variable height 90 degree loading and battery operated.  The selection will finally depend on layout of the Furnace room.

See an  Austeng Auto Charge Bier in operation