The AUSLITE gantry is here.  The next step in a ‘no lift’ industry.

There has been a growing awareness of the risks and responsibilities associated with the manual handling within cemeteries especially coffins and ledgers for some time now.  These risks and responsibilities are growing as OH&S legislation becomes more onerous, coffins become larger and heavier and there is a greater propensity for litigation generally.  Moreover, Cemetery Boards and management recognise that they cannot contract-out their duty of care to funeral directors, families or other persons while they are performing tasks within the cemetery site.  The challenge is that cemeteries have a diverse and challenging range of issues facing them from narrow pathways, restricting access, hilly uneven ground, varying height and width monuments and so on.

The use of the gantry minimises risk of injury to funeral directors, cemetery staff, and family members with the process also being seen as more respectful.

See brochure Auslite Gantry

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