Proceeds of the Orthometals cremated metals recycling program have been used by SMCT to deliver “Aidan’s Legacy”.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (NSW) is participating is an Orthometals program that creates the opportunity to recycle surgical metals remaining after cremation. Funds raised are being directed towards families using Eastern Suburbs or Woronora Memorial Park’s services, who have experienced the loss of a child up to and including 17 years of age, pre-term and stillborn children. This program is called “Aidan’s Legacy”, named after a 3 year old boy residing in Karinya Gardens, one of Woronora Memorial park’s children’s areas. The program also assists with costs associated to services which use our facilities of all children in our Nation who have passed without family heritage. The subsidy is provided to raise awareness for the annual pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day held on the 15th October and the Baby Lily Grace Awareness Day, held each year on the 29th April.

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