Mausoleum Shutter Handling Module

Austeng has developed a mausoleum marble and granite crypt front lifter device. This is in response to the health and safety challenges associated with lifting the very heavy mausoleum crypt front as well as the possible risk of employees over balancing at heights.

The module provides an efficient, ergonomic, worker friendly system to handle all sizes of shutters without any significant operator effort. By eliminating the heavy lifting we have minimized the risk of back injury and your organization is complying with health and safety regulations and requirements.

This lifter attaches to a standard casket lift device and is very easy to use. The top attachment screws are undone and the top of the shutter is moved out just far enough to attach the grippers (2-3cms). Releasing a clip on the grippers secures the crypt front which can now be lifted, by our device, into the cradle on the Scissor Trolley. To refit the Shutter after the internment the process described above is reversed. Removing the lifting device so the Scissor Trolley can be used for the internment takes 2-3 minutes.



Austeng have developed a range of Shutter Handling Devices to meet a variety of client needs including coffin interment.