Mausoleum Interment Trolley

The Austeng Mausoleum Interment Trolley was designed and built in response to a request to design a safer and more dignified method of placing coffins and caskets into mausoleum crypts at any level. It greatly reduces OH&S issues as it eliminates the need for the operator to be elevated and has safe, single operator functions.

Features of the Mausoleum Internment Trolley:

  • robust hydraulic lift action
  • versatile & flexible – can be pushed from location to location
  • stainless steel top deck
  • powdercoated exterior
  • panels & zinc plated fittings
  • performs conventional longitudinal and couch internments via roller sets controlled by push buttons
  • interments are now a one-person job
  • shutter lifter can also be used with this device

The trolley can be specially designed to accommodate any unique site requirements.

By any measure the Austeng Mausoleum Interment Trolley will revolutionize this part of the industry. CLICK HERE to view a video showing the trolley in action or contact us for further information or request to be sent.