Transfer Van Module

In consultation with members of the funeral and cremation industry we have developed a module that provides an efficient, ergonomic, worker friendly system to utilize the full capacity of any transfer van. This helps to minimize the risk of back injury and assists compliance with health and safety regulations and requirements. Other advantages include its appearance, (neat and clean), easy to wash as well as its durability.

There are many vans in circulation in the Eastern States of Australia. The equipment therefore is proven and reliable in the field and the industry can reap the benefits of the development work Austeng has carried out with the funeral industry over the last year and a half. The most recent transfer van set-ups incorporate modifications to further improve its operation and efficiency.

The concept of the equipment is a fixed height roller bed attached to the floor of the van. An elevating roller bend travels between the floor level and 2/3 height of the internal van space. The elevating platform will stop and lock in any position. Cut outs around the wheel arches with hinged flaps ensure the top deck can be fully utilized, when raised. The lift system is hydraulic and “phased” cylinders are used to ensure the platforms always lift and hold square and evenly.

The broad specifications are:

  • Capacity – 4 coffins or equivalent (two on floor of van and two on elevating platform)
  • Loading – Elevating platform 250 kg SWL. Loadings on lower deck are limited only to the vehicles structure
  • Elevating Platform – approximately useable length 2200mm fitted with five rollers on each side. Construction is smooth with no awkward corners for ease of cleaning.
  • Fixed Platform – five rollers on each side with space under for trolleys

Other features:

  • Stainless steel “kick bar” on rear bumper
  • Two curtains on rear of vehicle
  • One side curtain
  • Complete seal behind driver
  • Removable vinyl bumper pads at front
  • Shelves at front of vehicle
  • Internal side walls will be finished in timber, clad with carpet to full height

Please see a video of our hydraulic Transfer Van deck in operation HERE.


Dual Fixed Deck

Fixed Deck

Refrigerated Van