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Austeng is excited to partner with Macarthur Memorial Parks to build two state of the art catafalques, for placement within its distinctive chapel at their new facility.  The catafalques have been installed (see video), and once the chapel has been completed, the final commissioning will take place and the catafalques will be available for use.

Macarthur Memorial Park will accommodate 136,000 burial plots over the coming 100 years, responding to the acute need for space in Sydney’s swiftly growing and diverse multi-cultural population. The architecturally distinctive chapel will complement the landscape with natural materials of rammed earth and timber, and open to views of the surrounding gardens and water features.

The catafalques act as a coffin lifting device, a display device during funeral services, and a trafficable floor when unloaded. The catafalques also include an integrated glass balustrade that isolates people from the void created when lowering the coffins.

Each catafalque spans between the basement level and ground floor level, measuring 4.7m tall, with another 1m extension for the glass balustrade. Each lift has a working lifting load of 350kg, and can also accommodate a floor weight of 250kg. When the machines are used as trafficable floors, 4 pins are driven into the platform to tie the lift-platform to the building structure.

Solidworks design of a custom catafalque

Austeng’s SolidWorks model of a custom catafalque that was designed, manufactured and commissioned by Austeng


Completed Catafalque in Austeng's workshop

One of the two completed custom catafalques that Austeng designed, manufactured and commissioned for Rookwood Catholic’s Macarthur Memorial Park