The new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. The Modern Burial comprises a series of underground interlocking precast concrete crypts. Lawn is grown over the crypts and a patented lid lifting machine removes the lid and the overlay of lawn when a crypt is ready for a burial. This system can offer significant savings in land use, labour, equipment, grounds maintenance costs and storage facilities as well as an increase in revenue and the ability to return cemetery grounds to their pre-burial conditions. It can also be used in areas where the traditional burial process is difficult if not impossible e.g. rocky areas, where there is a high water table or in sandy soils. Sections of existing parts of cemeteries once thought unsuitable for burials can now be utilised. Advantages over traditional burial process include:

  • Quicker and more efficient – Actual interment time is quicker, (one hour turn-around)
  • Greater land utilisation – Up to 60% more than traditional methods
  • Safety advantages – Eliminates need for grave shoring
  • Flexibility – Allows installation in any soil type
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Clean and tidy with no excavation mess
  • Long term advantages – Makes grave re-use and maintenance easier
  • Significantly increases revenue – The above factors will result in greater revenue for your cemetery

This is a revolutionary system with substantial year-on-year savings for those organisations that have made the investment in pre-laid crypts. A detailed financial analysis can be provided up on request to outline these savings.

See images of the MBS Lid Lifters here Modern Burial System Video


Geopolymer material can be used as an alternative to conventional concrete made from Ordinary Portland Cement (“OPC”). The provides significant environmental benefits including:- CO² emissions

  • Significant savings on CO² emissions created during the production of OPC.


  • One of the main ingredients of geopolymer material is fly-ash, a waste product from coal – fired power stations.

Material advantages

  • Offers comparable strength, durability and chemical resistance to that of conventional concrete.


See The Advocate article “Crypt system at Mersey Vale memorial park sets graves closer to maximise land use” (The Advocate 15/04/19)

See ACCA News article “Formal Opening of Cedar Lawn at Woronora General Cemetery” – using Modern Burial System. (ACCA News – Spring 2013)


Any queries please email or phone Ross George on 03 5278 2044.

Modern Burial Systems

Cedar Lawn Cemetery (Woronora NSW) Completed in 2013

Cedar Lawn Cemetery (Woronora NSW) Completed in 2013


Grave Stones


CALLIOPE (QLD) Completed in 2009

CALLIOPE (QLD) Completed in 2009