Orthometals – Implant Recycling

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OrthoMetals is an exciting new development in the area of recycling metals after cremation. It solves the problem of disposal of metals after cremation as well as not wasting the value of the material. This is a way of improving the environmental credentials of your organisation without cost and effort and in line with the goal of being more environmentally friendly as not only does it decrease land fill but also the need to re-mine certain metals generally.

The system developed by OrthoMetals BV  ( a Netherlands based company) is an environment-friendly turn-key solution to the collection and recycling of orthopaedic implants and the metals from crematoria.  This system is now used throughout Europe.

Basically, the local cemetery collects all metals after cremation and places them in bins provided which are then collected by Austeng personnel and returned to our premises. The metals are then subsequently sorted by OrthoMetals and aggregated in a way that they are able to be on sold at a profit.  Once sorted the materials are re-melted to prevent the end product from being recognised and re-used as an implant.

Orthometals retain the necessary certification and documentation to reassure that all orthopaedic implants and metal remains following cremation are recycled in the most appropriate manner complying with existing local legislation.  Please find attached three articles that appeared in ACCA News providing further background. Since these articles all crematoria in Victoria, as well as numerous crematoria in NSW and Qld   (including all InvoCare sites) South Australian and Western Australia have all come on board.

Austeng provides the logistical support to collect the wheelie bins, consolidate the metal and then ship to OrthoMetals for processing.  Please find also attached “Metals after Cremation Recycling Program” that outlines the steps involved in more detail.

A full accounting by OrthoMetals will be given detailing metals collected, proceeds and deductions (e.g. shipping, sorting & Austeng’s collection costs and OrthoMetals administration costs). The balance will be forwarded to each organisation. One of the approaches of the OrthoMetals recycling concept is to encourage the return of a substantial part of the proceeds (after deduction of costs) to client related charities.