Floral Tribute Stand

The main features of the stands are:

  • Lightweight construction fitted with robust casters so the stands can be easily moved around the cemetery and mausoleum
  • Lockable wheels to ensure stands remain in required position
  • Stainless steel lip to avoid slippage of floral tributes
  • Powder coated to nominated colour

The feedback from our clients is that the stands work very well and provide an attractive and functional backdrop to the floral tributes.

The stands can be modified to accommodate different lengths, portability, fixing, security, multi-tiered etc. For instance, one client has ordered a stand with the following modifications:

  • Reinforced to hold weight of double crypt front
  • Higher than average – at an ergonomic height
  • Two shelves for flowers

The idea of the first two modifications is to enable employees to place lettering on the crypt front safely and easily thereby giving a dual function to the stands.